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Why Some Partners Grow Apart:

It is very common for those who train to be counsellors for their relationships to end by the end of the course. One reason is, a part of counselling training is self-reflection and to receive therapy. The counsellor in training has embarked on a journey of personal growth. Unfortunately, when lessons are not learned together, old ways of doing things become points of contention

One person can feel punished for changing, and the other can feel punished for being themselves. It is painful when two attached people realise they are no longer growing in the same direction. Your partner(s) may not have reached a point in life where they feel they need to develop further, but it does not have to mean the end…

It is natural for us to undergo changes and evolve over the course of a relationship. Human beings are complex, shaped by life experiences, personal growth, and new perspectives. These changes can encompass various aspects, including beliefs, interests, goals, and even personality traits. As we navigate our relationships, we are influenced by shared experiences, challenges, and mutual support, all of which contribute to our individual development. Embracing and understanding this natural process of change is vital for maintaining a healthy and enduring relationship. By recognising and accommodating these changes, partners can foster empathy, adaptability, and a deeper connection, allowing their relationship to evolve and flourish alongside their own personal transformations.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Grow Together:

  • Share what you have learned
  • Read/watch content to learn together
  • Communicate where you are on your personal journey
  • Don’t judge them or nag them for not showing as much enthusiasm
  • Be just as ready to acknowledge what you appreciate from them now as you are to notice what needs to change

Couples workshops and couples therapy can also be a way of growing together.

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