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Self-love is fundamental to one’s overall well-being. Furthermore, can there be true growth without it?

So, What Is Self-Love?
It entails cultivating a genuine and positive regard for oneself, embracing one’s strengths, weaknesses, and uniqueness without judgement.
Our inner sense of appreciation and compassion can mature into healthy self-esteem and mental resilience.
Prioritising self-love establishes a strong foundation for good mental health, allowing us to face life’s challenges with boldness and confidence.
Through habitual self-love, we become better equipped to set boundaries, make choices aligned with our values, and develop meaningful relationships.
Ultimately, self-love empowers us to lead fulfilling lives, as we recognise our intrinsic worth and strive for personal fulfilment from a place of authenticity and self-acceptance.
How Can I Love Myself?
There are many unfortunate reasons one can grow to hate themselves.  There can be a number of experiences leading us to the conclusion that we are no good.
From my clinical experience, it is my opinion that self-love starts with a choice – rather than chasing a feeling of being okay with oneself (i.e., I will treat myself better when I feel better about myself), it is first important to treat ourselves as though we are okay (or, worthy, of value, and held in positive regard).
Often, a part of that initial choice is to forgive ourselves: It is easy to be held in the perpetual torment of guilt and unforgiveness, stopping ourselves moving on from wherever we feel we messed up.
A question to ask yourself might be, “How would I treat somebody I loved?”, and to act accordingly towards yourself.
Therapy can help us expose lies of the past which hold us captive, and being accountable for how we treat ourselves in spite of how we feel, can expose the lie which says “beating yourself up is appropriate for someone like you”.
Life happens, “Adulting” can be a challenge, and sometimes we lose ourselves in the chaos.
If you would like to speak with someone and get back to being your own ally, our team of Psychotherapists and Counsellors are here to support.
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Written by Aaron Lawrence