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Perch was founded with a vision to be a place of warmth, nurture, and growth, where you can find the safety and courage to become the best version of yourself. We value dignity, autonomy and integrity, and we are dedicated to bettering the art of therapy as a service to the world.

Why Counselling?

You may have noticed there are points in life where you get stuck, where you seem to get the same unpleasant results. Maybe something has happened to you which was out of your control, and you just need a space to process it. Counselling is known as a “helping profession”: we are here to support you with psychological, and by extension, behavioural or social challenges.

Booking an appointment is a simple process: When you contact us, we will arrange a FREE 15-minute consultation. From there, one of our experienced practitioners will be in touch arrange your first session at their next availability.

A counselling hour is around 50 minutes.

In your first session, you will go through a counselling agreement, which just outlines what you can expect from your therapist, and the commitment your therapist will ask of you. Though in most cases we would recommend at least 6 sessions, you are not obliged to do more or less than you feel necessary, and sessions will go at your pace.

Deep within yourself you have the answers, we're just here to help you find them

Feel free to reach out.


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Our Services

Eating Disorders

Are you concerned about your (or a loved one’s) eating? We can offer our support. Eating Disorders (ED) are disturbances in our eating often caused by distress and trauma. Our relationship with eating can also be an expression of our social programming, including our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and the world around us. Neurodiversity can be an additional consideration, which is sadly overlooked by many clinicians. If left untreated, distressed eating, or an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa can have severe implications. On the road to recovery, talking therapy can help with the psychological aspect. A wrap-around support system may be necessary too, which is why, alongside therapy, we signpost / refer clients for nutritional, medical or diagnostic support. Our team is here to help and guide you through the process. Your recovery – you having a better relationship with yourself – is what we care about.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder

Are you concerned about your compulsive sexual behaviour or problematic porn use? We can help.

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour Disorder (CSBD) is characterised by persistent failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses. One or more of the following must be present:

  1. The repetitive sexual behaviour becomes a main focus of one’s life at the expense of one’s health, personal care, responsibilities / other interests.
  2. Numerous failed attempts to control or significantly reduce the behaviour
  3. Continuing to engage in the behaviour despite adverse consequences (i.e., marital, financial, legal, health-related)
  4. Continuing to engage in the behaviour even when it gives little or no satisfaction

CSBD tends to escalate which can lead to further complications like sexual dysfunction, financial and family or relationship problems, and sexual offending. We can help and can signpost or refer you to trusted specialists if needed.

Relationship Counselling

Figure out what is right for you, or take your relationship to the next level through a controlled, candid process. Relationships can be complex; they bring out those parts of ourselves we try to suppress, they can bring out the worst but also the best of who we are. Among other things, a healthy relationship offers mutual trust, respect, acceptance and pleasure for all. Therapy does not have to be a last resort. Our trained counsellors can provide a non-judgemental space for you and your partner(s) to explore your relationship honestly, and to examine who you would like to be as a participant in your relationship. We are also experienced in supporting neurodiverse couples.

Couples therapy usually starts with each person having an introductory individual appointment, before having the joint sessions.

Individual Counselling

Do you need someone non-judgemental to talk to? We are here to support. Whether anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, addiction or other challenges life can present, we provide a safe, welcoming environment for you to work through your problem with a trained counsellor, whether you are a young person or mature. A counselling session is YOUR time, so we will go at your pace. Reach your goals for personal change with the help of a caring other.


FREE consultation (15 mins)

Individual Counselling £70 per session

Relationship Counselling £85 per session


“Zena helped me to understand my frustrations and actively listened to my concerns, took them seriously and gave me a place for reflection to understand my behaviour and naming it, to enable me to release it and move on when i became stuck or felt like i was drowning in emotions. Zena holds a safe space with no judgement. I’d highly recommend zena for her empathic and listening skills to diffuse difficult situations”


“Aaron has helped me so much dealing with my trauma, I don’t know where I would be without this service. I have got my life back on track, I can get out of bed and do the things I love”

Jordan Brian

“Really useful, we’re really grateful”

“I was judging it at the beginning, but I’m grateful that we’ve done it. I’ve never spoken about my emotions before”

Anonymous Couple

“I found Suzanne warming and friendly whilst very professional. Her approach puts you at ease and at times I felt like I was talking to a friend. It can be tough to reach out and ask for help but I am so glad I did as my counselling sessions with Suzanne really helped”

Our Professional Team

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